Monday, May 14, 2007

The Journal of Sonja Greyson

Finally the comic of "The Journal of Sonja Greyson" was done. It took me quite some times to complete the comic and it was my very first time doing a complete comic book.

The story is about a 5 years old girl having her adventure in a secret dungeon. The comic script was written by J.Wuog a nice guy who give me a chance to do a comic book. I'd like to thanks Soon Fong and Wei Foong who help me in the process. The entire comic are done in Illustrator beside the sketches.

Those who interested can read the comic online:


adeline said...

i love how you used red for the shadow parts :-)

soloist said...

Thank you! I actually do a few version and the writer and me have some discussion and finally we agree that this can bring out the spooky and horror effects.

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