Thursday, December 27, 2007

Box design for little bat

I've been tried a few designs and finally box design for the little bat is been decided.

The transparent box were bought from a high school junior and he gave us a really good price~ My job is to design the stand in the box that can hold the little bat. The design must achieve a few requirements which is:

1. Must be able to be printed with a home format A4 printer.
2. Must be easy to be done and cost effective.
3. Must be able to put in the introduction of the little bat "Kelu".

3 most workable design are below:

1. One A4 can make 7 chairs, but can't hold bat properly.

2. One A4 can make 8 holders. Little bat can be put in the "X" cutting line, the "key chain bat" can stay nicely with slotting the ring to the card but too bad it can't hold the "magnet bat" properly as the bat are short and round.

3. One A4 can make 8 stands. This design can hold the bat firmly for both version of bats.

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