Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Kelu" want to say "hi~" to you

After all the hard work, the very first "Pure colour series" of little bat "Kelu" are done~
They might look alike but they're not the same. All of them are handmade by Nana.
There are 24 different colours in key chain version or fridge magnet version. We'll sell them at the red dot design museum MAAD this coming weekend (5 Jan - 6 Jan).
Do come and support us~

Why bat? Why "Kelu"?

Hi, I’m little bat “Kelu”.
Long ago, our ancestors settled in a small town. That is how the early name of Kluang (Keluang) came to be, meaning Bat. With the passing of time, our habitat shrunk and food became scarce, impelling us to explore beyond for food. Meanwhile, the remaining young and old bats untiring maintain and protect our hometown, waiting for their family kin to return from foraging.
“Kelu” is a exemplar of the Kluang spirit. Though most youngsters of Kluang pursue better work competence in other towns, their hearts are still where their home is... with warm reunions during festive traditions. Kelu not only demonstrates the life of Kluang residents but also their love for this city, stirred from the Bat DNA in our blood.

Thanks a lot to Leslie who help me to do the prove reading on the concept~

Click here for the making of the little bat "Kelu", by the way it's written in Chinese.

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