Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soloist 02 coloured

Coloured version of the sketch. Was using a low-res jpg to colour, might need to do one in hi-res.

This is a coloured version I did in PS. Initially the colour is more saturated, but some friends advised that less saturate will look nicer, so here is the result.

走在林間的獨奏者, 無視身後咧嘴而笑的怪物.
怪物渴望一口將獨奏者吞下肚里, 卻又是唯一欣賞獨奏者音樂的知音人.


ken lee said...

good stuff! cant wait to see more of your fantasy soloists!! more! more!

luvxis said...

ya i think less saturated is better~
=) update more frequently ya.

闲鱼。 said...

wah colored in photoshop...if it is me coloring in reach this kinda result, i will faint.. :P

I like this a lot.

soloist said...

Thank you everybody~

I'm trying out more drawing style to find one that really "my style"...

Hope this soloist character can inspire me more heh heh~

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