Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soloist series 02

Another drawing of the Soloist series. Same as the first soloist I posted, drew in blue ball point pen and adjusted to brown on Muji recycle paper.

The soloist character was always in my mind and now I'd like to introduce him to all of you. The monster who wants to eat the soloist also the only creature who appreciate the music that played by the soloist.


Anonymous said...

Your concept about the soloist is vey interesting. It has a "The person who knows me best is my enemy" kinda melancholic feeling. Can you tell more about it?

soloist said...

Hi Jak
Actually the soloist idea is actually me and probably some other artist experience.

Soloist could be freelance artist like me always being solo and the monster could be the world... always wanted to swallow you if you do a mistake even a very tiny one.

So we all have to balance up in order to do what we like and also stay alive.

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