Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Which brand inspires you the most?

The 2008 Brandjunkie Survey Results

It is no secret that different people are inspired by different things; yet, for most, being inspired means—more or less—the same thing: becoming motivated to be a better person, whether that be on a personal, professional, or spiritual level.

Which brand inspires you the most?
Top five:
1. Apple - 22.1%
2. Nike - 6.6%
3. Coca-Cola - 3.8%
4. Google - 3.2%
5. Starbucks - 2.4%

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I owned an Apple computer I quite like the design, I have at least 2 pairs of nike sneakers, I use Google search engine and earn from adsense, Starbucks also one of the place I use to meet up with my friends. I don't drink Coca - Cola but i think the TVC not bad.

Somehow something just sneak into your life without your knowing. I'm sure many of you will have the same experience, to me I'll order green tea in any hawker centre or food court, I'll choose Nokia whenever I wanted to buy a phone etc...

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