Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snow White

A character design for the Mini Concept Art Contest organized by
The contest is to design a female game character no restriction on background.

She is Snow White who is a miner belongs to a Miner Union.
7 Dwarfs Models robots which created by her work together with her.

End up only manage to draw 1 robot and Snow...
The artist at that forum are very good, must go and take a look on their works.


ken lee said...

looks cool dude! too bad i was too late too hit the deadline.:p

good rendering!

here's some 2 cents of mine, the princess is blending in too much to earth color. may be can choose some color code for her. like black & orange combi, black & saturate purple etc... a small bit in belt or at the costume.

some dirty feel like scratches,mud and rusty metal texturing would bring them more into the story.

don forget to expand your the whole concept! looking forward to it!
let's see Snow White dig some a@# out!!

soloist said...

Thanks for your suggestion ~

Ya scratches and dirt will definitely tell a story~ wanted to add in but upon submition deadline so didn't add in haha. Sure will develop them more in the future~

不娃娃 Buwawa said...

I like the 7 Dwarfs Models robots. Can I using fabric to sew them out?

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