Sunday, June 22, 2008

Protect ourselves

Recently we saw some news about Hong Kong government department lost some of the important data, because of sharing them online. I'm sure most of you heard about the incidence of Edison Chan.

Few months ago a website that done by me was hacked. One day when i check on the website and it was suspended and I received an email from my hosting company that content a bank website but the URL is actually my site. And the bank complained to them that I was hosting a phishing site of their bank, phishing site is an imitate site which make user thought that they still in where they were and if they key in any credit card information they were actually sent to the phisher.

Well of course I was angry because I didn't do that. This incidence was finally solve. I was advised to change my password. Just when I thought this incidence was solve I received another email from my hosting company. I was warned not to spam, as I sent thousand of email and spend too much of the server resources. And finally the agree the reason of why my site could be hacked so easy was because of my password was too weak as it is in the list of Top 10 Popular Passwords. My forum was also hacked, lucky it was just started. I didn't lose any money as I haven't got any advertiser at that moment, but I lost many members during the time when I re-building the entire site.

2 of my friends, both of them running their own forum. They use to monitor their forum everyday, and even at the airport they used the public computer to log in to their forum. Yes, you are right, both of their site were hacked. Not only wasting time to re-built the forum. they also losing money and losing reputation.

Many of us are lack of the security knowledge on using computer and internet. For those who like to use file sharing software, you are risking yourself, Trojan might already installed into your pc. Bloggers, you probably think that you only having a blog and do not need to be so serious on it, but why we want to let the hackers have a chance to harm us?

Computer and internet have become part of our life, almost everything in our live related to them. One way to protect ourselves is to understand the world of hackers by attending a Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity.

I just went to the CommunicAsia 2008, there is a new product call "Easysafe", it is a kind of key in USB form to protect some sensitive files in your PC, external hard disk or even your SD card.
This can prevent another case like Edison Chan.

We buy lock for our house, we put our money in safety box, and now we should have keep our pc locked as well as our virtual home on the internet.
Get ourselves protected!

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