Monday, June 30, 2008

Sending files to people easier now

I'm not sure whether you aware, recently we hardly use CD-R or DVD-R to send files to client. For me I used to send heavy files to my partners or clients but now we all go digitally using a site call .

I also just noticed there such a handy tools pardon me for being so "mountain tortoise". Last time I use to send CD or upload to my own online server than asked my client go and download and after that I need to go and clear it, ever since I know I changed the way of sending files and I don't need to go and clear the server again, another important thing is the server band width won't be taken by just sending files to people.

So my friend, it's worth to try. I'm using a free account at the moment and file size limit for each time is and 1 file only maximum file size 100MB, but I'm sure this is more than enough for most of the people. What if you want to send multiple file at one time? Well just zip them up then send will do.

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