Thursday, September 25, 2008

My daily life

My daily life is simple and nearly boring. It just a routine of work, lunch, dinner, laundry, flu (sometimes) then sleep. Almost facing the computer from the time I wake up till I sleep.

I suppose many of you are as boring as mine, am I right?
Or there's only me who live such boring life?

我的生活簡單, 可說是沉悶
每天重複著工作, 午餐, 晚餐, 渙洗, 傷風...

我想你們也和我一樣, 對吧?
還是... 只有我是這樣?


妮妮 ♫ said...

U no need to work?

Same boring life as u,
make me feel like laffing...
The routine is about the same nia~ >.<

what kind of material u use normally? :)

soloist said...

I'm freelancing a home most of the time, so consider working 24 hours as long as I'm sitting in front of my pc~

Usually I use draw in photoshop, recently I started to go back on paper with ink or ballpoint pen. Colouring still in photoshop.

妮妮 ♫ said...

Ya freelance can own our time,
but the terrible thing is... keep sitting on the chair non move....
Im oso face to my laptop no day no nite! Hahaha....

Artworks must meet the deadline, but I always last minute hug buddha's leg! T.T

I like ur lineworks, the stroke very 赏心悦目! :)

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