Friday, December 19, 2008

Watercolour sketch

It's been very very long never touch watercolour ever since I graduated from college.
This painting roughly took me 30 mins to complete, for the reason that I join my wife to draw after work and it's quite late another reason is I got boring taking too much time for a painting.

Nice scene at Clark Quay but my composition here not very good, coz I was attracted by the colours. All in my mind was thinking how to put the beautiful vibrant colour on the scary white paper. So as you can tell actually the form of the object are all gone haha.

Nana also did a very nice drawing. She also quite long never touch watercolour. Take a look on her drawing here.


Le-1502 said...

Merry X'mas & Happy New Yr!!!

chee wei said...

nice drawing, love the colour.

soloist said...

chee wei:
it's been really long never draw water colour.


chouti said...

嘻嘻,那是因为习惯了control z control x :P

那天我们公司也办在画布画画的活动啦,我脑里有时就是会想"control X control Z"


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