Thursday, June 10, 2010

OIC Portrait Day at June 2010

This is the 2nd times I using my water colour this year. The first time was at the Portrait Day at March. After the March portrait day I went to buy a brown ink pen until June I finally got a chance to use it. haha~

Now a days I usually do digital drawing as clients often require a digital files and many changes as many of you knew it. When too use to the Undo function, I'm scared of drawing on a paper with ink but I used to draw with ballpoint pen many years ago.

So that's the reason of joining the portrait day is to force myself drawing on paper and draw in a limited time. This remind me when I was still in high school, we used to do sketching on the street, rushing home work like water colour painting or oil painting etc. It require very sharp observation and also good skill.

Too much rubbish~ here are the only 2 sketches that I managed to shoot on that day.

The little man above was hard to draw~ I've tried 2 times but failed end up I change my position and do a quite sketch of him, a bit rough but I quite like it.

This one was the very last drawing on that day, probably because of I've done so many sketches, my hands are warmed up, lines are fine, water colour also in control.


Ridhuan said...

beautiful.. are they watercolor and marker?

soloist said...

yes they are.

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