Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trick or treat

Yes the Halloween is coming~ The bat design suddenly came across my mind, then I asked Nana to make them for me. How nice was she especially now she is preparing for her exhibition next month.

Above is the final version of the poster, after some discussion with Nana.

This is the initial design but both of us felt that it look too alike with the Mid-Autumn Festival poster, so Nana suggested to make it gray and spookier.

This is what Nana suggested. Very contrast, and it is in gray, but personally I prefer it a bit desaturated. So the final version is actually a combination of both of the first and the second images.

This is the sketch I did for the poster.

See the actual toy and key chain at Fabric-fun.


Le-1502 said...

wow~new header!!! nice, better than mine,mine so mess n normal...sad...haiz...

soloist said...

haha I stole from exiting drawing. Too lazy to create a new one.

BeverLy's Secret said...

Super cute though!!! Great gift for Halloween since it is just around the corner.. I saw Americans busy decorating their house.. really funny..

soloist said...

That must be very fun~ locally I think only pub or discos will have Halloween celebration.

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