Monday, October 6, 2008

Another me

When you feel that I was too demanding and almost like a stranger,
you might have seen another me which filled with burning coal in active mode,
you must have hated that me a lot.
I knew that...



妮妮 ♫ said...

This is using painter or PS to colour?

the colouring very nice, emphasize the main role.
Izit hurt when burning?

soloist said...

It's in PS.

I wasn't feeling hurt when the other me was burning, but i guess the other me must have hurt somebody as I can't seem to control it.

Le-1502 said...

the color look like so dark n down~

soloist said...

yes, for this series I will tone down the saturation, cause they are not mean to be sweat sweat kind of style~

BeverLy's Secret said...

Good to know that you are recovering :)

I really like your drawing!! especially the banner one :)

soloist said...

oh~ thank you~
Was thinking to draw more but again, need to work on actual project first~
And hopefully I can concentrate on this series longer haha.

ChLoE said...

i like ur drawing^^

soloist said...

Thank you~
Do come back more often to check out my art

RC said...

very neat picture for sure!

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