Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boxy Bat widget

Long time didn't update this blog, been busy on work and helping Nana's exhibition.

This Boxy Bat widget is to showcase the designs of artist and designer from Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore. There is a webs link of the designer underneath the widget.

Although I call it a widget in fact it just a share flash across a few blogs of mine and Nana, nothing customization on it. Another problem of it is the huge file size, it'll eat up the bandwidth of my hosting.

For those who contribute the design I'll try to make your design into the 3D display format as soon as possible. Thanks for the participation.

You can read more at Kelu's home.


Le-1502 said...

wow!! I like this!!! can i buy 1 pls??? haha ~
cute kelu~

soloist said...

All of them are for exhibit only haha~

There are still many more but I haven't got time to make them into the 3D spinning format.

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